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Outstanding results from the team at the WKU World

World Championships in Calgary, Canada. We travel back to Scotland 

with 3 world titles, 5 silvers and 8 bronze medals.


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Scottish Open 22nd November 2015

WKU Inter-Club Tournament 15th November 2015

WKU World Championships, Spain November 2015

Galston Kids Competiton 1st November 2015

Kilmarnock Open 30th August 2015

Ross Levine Seminar 27th June 2015

Edinburgh Kids Competition 14th June 2015

RMKB Fight Show Renfrew 10th May 2015

Motherwell Full Contact Show 28th March 2015

Livingston Kids Competition 15th March 2015

ISKA Scottish Championships November 2014

BKFA National Championships October 2014

RMKB Fight Show Renfrew 10th May 2014

ISKA Wishaw Open May 2014

ISKA Kilmarnock Open 25th August 2013

Assassins squad training 2013

ISKA World Championship Qaulifiers Wishaw 19th May 2013

ISKA Livingstone Open 24th Feb 2013

ISKA World Championships 2012

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