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Outstanding results from the team at the WKU World

World Championships in Calgary, Canada. We travel back to Scotland 

with 3 world titles, 5 silvers and 8 bronze medals.


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Lau Gar

Edinburgh Assassins Kickboxing Club is affiliated to IAKSA Kickboxing Scotland which conforms to the light, semi and full contact competition style of Lau Gar Kung Fu. Kickboxing and kung-fu were brought to Scotland from China by Master Jeremy Yau in 1961.

Our style consists of a combination of explosive kicks and strong hand techniques. As you progress the introduction of open hand, knee and elbow strikes and the use/defence of weapons (mainly the knife, kali sticks, broadsword and staff) will be integrated into your training.

Due to its up to date syllabus (incorporating knife attacks and holds into your training) the style is extremely effective in defence against street attacks.

The tournament side of kickboxing is second to none, providing a platform from club level and Scottish tournaments, going on to national level and advancing to international competition. Within the style, our fighters have won over twenty World Championship medals combined, as well as numerous other gold, silver and bronze medals in the European Championships and other prestigious tournaments.

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